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The 8 Levels of survival

This is another article written by FreezeDryGuy.  His articles will occasionally appear in the future.


The 8 Levels of survival
Prospects for survival / dangers
(Old S.F. Trooper)
Updated 30 April 2003

1.    At home under normal conditions: / prospects excellent / dangers minimal.

2.    At home under emergency conditions: / prospects seriously reduced / dangers increased.

3.    Movement from home to Retreat Area: / you are most vulnerable during this period / dangers from other people great, possible disruption or clogging of roads due to mass evacuation, terrorist activity or closures and detours of roadways

Likely methods of travel:
4 WHD vehicle, w/wo trailer

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Variety in Your Food Storage

What do you have in your food storage?  In the last few years, I have encountered people that have all kinds of different food storage plans.  These include some of the following.

Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods

I have met people who have a long-term food storage consisting almost entirely of #10 cans of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods.  Many of them have purchased these foods as a unit. The first thing to check is the calories per day.  Many of these units are low in calories.  If you have to work hard, you will require a higher number of calories than you do today. …

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The M3 Medic’s Bag

I recently received a first aid kit from Freezedryguy.  The kit comes in an improved M3 Medic’s Bag that opens into three sections for easy and quick access to all your first aid supplies.  The bag comes with shoulder and M.O.L.L.E. straps. The bag is made of a good sturdy grade of nylon.  Improvements include relocating the D ring for the shoulder straps so that the bag stays in the upright position.  Zippers are of good quality and the bag was easy to unzip using one hand.

•    The M3 Medic bag measures 8”x7”x9”.
•    The M3 Medic complete Bag including contents weighs 3.9…

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Shortages of Food and Preparedness Supplies

Yesterday I spent part of the day talking to suppliers of various food and food preparedness items (grain mills and camping stoves).  I was amazed at what I found out.  Almost everybody was either short of stock or just plain out.  The companies I spoke to had a wait time of a month or longer.

With all that is going on in our economy I would encourage you not to wait any longer, but stock up and get what you can.  When you purchase dehydrated or freeze dried foods, ask the dealer if any of the food products came from China. …

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