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More on Feral Dogs and Other Wildlife that May be a Problem

Every year in our area, we have to build deer proof fences around our family gardens.  These have to be a least 6-foot high or the deer will jump them.  Our chicken coops have to be well built to protect the chickens from raccoons, coyotes, foxes and other predators.  Bears will periodically visit garbage cans within a short distance of our home.  Because of the stupidity of game laws, cougars are seen regularly around the outskirts of our community.  Feral cats are all over the area and are hard on the local bird population.

Now I know it a real emergency with laws the deer, wild turkeys and other small game would rapidly disappear.…

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Foods From Our Gardens We Normally Waste

A lot of us grow a garden every year to save a bit of money and become more self-reliant.  We work hard planting, pulling weeds, and watering, and then we throw away a large portion of what we grow.  Food has become so inexpensive and plentiful that we only eat certain parts of the plants and throw the rest away.

Here are a few examples.

Radishes eat the green tops and or use them in a green drink.  The seed pods are edible and taste like radish.

Turnip the young leaves and flowers are edible.

Cauliflower and cabbage, the core that we normally throw away can be diced up and eaten cooked or raw.…

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