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Bugout and Get Home Bags Need to be Updated For Winter

Winter is coming and with it cold or wet weather.This is the time of year you need to go through and update your bugout and get home bags.  Make sure that you have the clothes that you need to survive outside in the winter.  Hypothermia, How to Dress to Avoid It 

It does not matter whether you are bugging out by car or on foot.  You still need to check your bags once in a while.  For me spring and fall works.  I look at a bugout or a get home bag as something to get me to a safe place in a short period of time. …

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Get Home Bags Should be a Work in Progress

bug out bag

Yesterday I spent part of the day helping a young man build some get home bags for his family.  Now get home bags are designed for one purpose, to help you home during an emergency.  The content of each bag depends on how far from home you travel.

If you never travel more than a few miles from home and the area in which you live has a moderate climate and the walking is easy, your get home bag can be very small.  If you travel a lot and it would take you several days to get home, your kit should be much larger.…

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Get Home Bags Need to be Used

The other day I had to carry my get home bag for a short distance.  The pack weights about 25 lbs and is designed to keep me going for about one week.  Now, carrying the bag that far was not a problem.  However, it has been a while (last summer) since I carried it any distance and I noticed a couple of changes.  One it didn’t fit as well as it used to.  Either the pack has shrunk or I have gained weight.  I prefer to think the pack has shrunk.

So today, I will get the pack out and adjust the straps and check the contents. …

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What do you Carry in Your Vehicle?

What do you carry in your vehicle?  I always have some preps in my car.  Normally this includes my get home bag.  The contents of this bag can be seen on  http://preparednessadvice.com/seventy-two-hour-kits/get-home-bag/.  In addition to the contents of my bag, I carry a minimum of the following items.

  • Two light weight Slumberjack sleeping bags I found in a garage sale.
  • A pair of US military two quart canteens full.
  • An entrenching tool.
  • Jumper cables.
  • A couple of cans of Fix-A-Flat.
  • Two military ponchos.
  • Extra jackets and shoes or boots.
  • Misc hand tools.
  • Duct tape, electrical tape, plastic cable ties and wire.
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Get Home Bag

My situation on a Get Home Bag is a bit different from a lot of people.  I am a photographer that is particularly interested in wildlife and nature.  Within a hundred miles or so of my house is some of the best bird photography in the United States.  The problem is that I am often traveling with other people in their vehicle and they are not preppers.

My camera gear is in a backpack, so a second backpack would attract attention.  So I keep my kit in a different type of bag.  I use a LAPG Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag that I purchased over the internet from LA Police Gear. …

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A Good Medical Book for Your 72 Hour Kit

Wilderness and travel MedicineHaving a small complete medical book to put in your bug out bag or seventy two hour kit has always been a problem for me.  It needs to be small, lightweight, simple to understand and packed with good advice.

After looking at several good possibilities, I have decided to go with the 3rd Edition of “A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine” published by Adventure Medical Kits. This 190 paged, Pocket-Sized book goes far beyond traditional first aid.

It provides information on

Gunshot Wounds and Arrow Injuries
Includes vital information on gunshot wounds, arrow injuries and treating complications such as tension pneumothorax, sucking chest wounds, shock, stabilizing an impaled arrow and controlling bleeding.…

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