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No Meat in Your Storage, Learn to Cook with Gluten

Recently I received a request from a reader for recipes that can be made with a very limited number of ingredients.  I choose not to put the full text of what she wrote up today.  But I understand what information she wants.  Today many people are stocking up with limited funds and as such, they are only stocking the very basics. In addition, young people today are not taught how to cook from basic ingredients.  Many are too dependent on frozen, packaged or canned goods and have no idea of how to use substitutes like gluten.

So starting today, I will make an effort to post more of these very basic recipes. …

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Making a Gluten Meat Substitute

For all of you who are storing bulk wheat, here is a handy recipe.  You can make gluten which is a meat substitute. The whole kernel contains starch and protein which can be separated after the wheat is ground into flour.  Gluten comes from the protein portion of the wheat.

The following is a comparison of the protein in meat and wheat.

  • 100 gm.  Of whole wheat = 560 mg. of essential amino acids
  • 100 gm. Of wheat gluten = 3300 mg. of essential amino acids
  • 100 gm. Of beef = 1220 mg. of essential amino acids

Here are the three steps to make gluten.…

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