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Canning Hamburger is Easy

Cook it first

The only difference between canning stewing beef is that hamburger needs to be cooked first.  Sauté the hamburger and place it in a colander.  Allow the fat to drain off.  When the hamburger has cooled down can it similar to beef.

  • First, I washed all the jars and get the rings and lids together.
  • Next, I warm the lids in a pan of hot water.
  • I put the hamburger in the jars.
  • Pack your jars and use a rod to push down and get all the air holes out.
  • Fill the jar with boiling water, leaving an inch at the top.
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Canned Bacon Update


About a month ago I posted a recipe for canning bacon (You can find it by doing a search for bacon on this site).

Yesterday I finally opened a jar and used it for breakfast. The recipe I used, warned that once canned bacon was opened it would crumble upon warming. It did, which was fine, because I used it over hash browns and eggs. The favor was good and it browned well. Bacon can be used to flavor soups and beans when cooking and in many other recipes, like omelets, salads and BLT’s.

Hamburger is next on my list to can.…

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