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Herbal First Aid Kit

This is a list of supplies for a herbal first aid kit sent to me by my friend Diana.  I think it is a great list.

Colds, Flu & Chest Congestion – Echinacea/goldenseal/myrrh combo as a natural anti-biotic, elder/yarrow/peppermint tea for sniffles; mullein oil for earaches, lavender or eucalyptus steams or hot ginger compresses for chest congestion

Coughs & Sore Throats loquat syrup or licorice/wild cherry/slippery elm tea for coughs, zinc source herbal extract for sore throat, herbal throat drops, aloe vera juice or tea tree oil gargle

Cuts, Wounds, Scrapes – Ginseng skin repair gel, pau d’arco/calendula gel, witch hazel compresses, comfrey/aloe salve, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil

Fungal Infections (athlete’s foot, ringworm, nail fungus) – tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, black walnut extract, goldenseal/myrrh solution, pau d’arco/dandelion/gentian gel

Minor Bacterial & Viral Infections – Echinacea/golden seal/myrrh combo, white pine/bayberry capsules for first aid, osha root tea, usnea extract, St John’s wort/lomatium extract

Rashes, Itching, Swelling from insect bits or other histamine reactions – Antihistamine marshmallow/bell pollen/white pine capsules, calendula/pau d’ arco gel, comfrey/plantain ointment, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, echinacea/St John’s wort/white willow capsules

Pain, Cramping, Headache – lavender compresses, black cohosh/skullcap extract, peppermint oil rugs, comfrey compresses, rosemary tea or steam, ginkgo biloba or feverfew extract

Strains, Sprains & Muscle pulls – White willow/St John’s wort capsules or salve, Tiger Balm analgesic gel, Chinese white flower oil, tear tree or wintergreen

Periodic Constipation/Diarrhea – fiber & herbs butternut/cascara capsules, senna/fennel laxative tea, milk thistle seed extract to soften stool, Ayurvedic Triphala formula, aloe vera juice

Sleep Aids – rosemary/chamomile/catnip, or passion flower/spearmint tea, hops/rosemary sleep pillow, wild lettuce/valerian extract, ashwagandha/black cohosh, skullcap capsules

Calming Stress & Tension – ginseng/licorice extract, rosemary/chamomile tea, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy drops, lemon balm/lemongrass tea, valerian/wild lettuce extract, chamomile aromatherapy

Indigestion, Gas & Upset Stomach – ginger tea or capsules, catnip/fennel tea, mint mix tea or extract, comfrey/pepsin capsules, aloe vera juice with herbs, spice mix tea or extract

Eye Infections & Inflammations – aloe very juice wash, eyebright/parsley/bilberry capsules or wash, Echinacea/goldenseal wash, chamomile/elder compress, witch hazel/rosemary solution

Toothaches & Gum Problems – tea tree oil, apply clove oil directly onto tooth or gums

I recommend you think about adding these items to your storage. …

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