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A Weird Little Book, Entertaining with Insects

A while back, a friend told me about this book and I found a copy on the internet.  The book in Entertaining with Insects and is written by Ronald L Taylor and Barbara J Carter.  At the time the book arrived, I was busy with other things and the book got set aside.

The other day it came to my attention and I have now spent some time looking at it.  The book points out that insects have been consumed by many different cultures for 1000’s of years.  Insects are highly nutritious being very rich in fat and protein.

This book contains a variety of recipes for cooking insects ranging from maggots to mealworms. …

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Eating Insects

Almost every time I mention eating insects somebody goes eek I won’t eat them.  Well the first thing I have to tell you is that you eat insects almost everyday. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has an allowable limit on the amounts of insect material that can be in your food.  See the following chart.

Are Bugs A Part of Your Diet?
Product Action Level
Apple butter 5 insects per 100g
Berries 4 larvae per 500g OR 10 whole insects per 500g
Ground paprika 75 insect fragments per 25g
Chocolate 80 microscopic insect fragments per 100g
Canned sweet corn 2 3mm-length larvae, cast skins or fragments
Cornmeal 1 insect per 50g
Canned mushrooms 20 maggots per 100g
Peanut butter 60 fragments per 100g (136 per lb)
Tomato paste, pizza, and other sauces 30 eggs per 100g OR 2 maggots per 100g
Wheat flour 75 insect fragmnets per 50g
Source: The Food Defect Action Levels: Current Levels for Natural or Unavoidable Defects for Human Use that Present No Health Hazard.
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Getting Rid of Insect Infestations in Your Food

If you are in an emergency situation and have no power, what do you do when you open some of your food and find it  infested with insects.  An easy way to destroy the infestation is to spread the food out on a shallow pan and place it in your solar oven for about an hour.  This will kill the insects and lava.  Try and keep the temperature at about 200 degrees.  Remove as many bugs as possible and use the food in a normal manner.


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