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Protect Your Internet Communications With the Tor Project

The whole situation with the NSA and internet surveillance is a major invasion of our privacy.  I know some people say if you are not doing anything wrong, it shouldn’t bother you.  My attitude, I do many things in the privacy of my home that are perfectly legal, that I would not want the world to see.  The same thing applies to the internet, I might just be saying sweet nothings to my wife or gossiping about the kids, perfectly legal, but I don’t want some government official reading them.

One possible solution that you may consider is the Tor Project. …

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Personal Security and Social Networking Sites


Today I attended a class on the hazards of social networking (face book, my space, twitter, etc).  It was taught by a law enforcement officer that has had experience with the types of crimes that occur as a result of their misuse.

The following are some of the mistakes he sighted, that are typically made by the users of face book, my space or similar sites.

  • People leaving their pages open to the public.  You can use the setting to make your site only available to friends.
  • People having hundreds of friends with no real check on who is on their site.
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