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An old Fashioned Laundry Manual From 1900, Free Download

Laundry Manuel

Hygiene counts whether it is now or after a major disaster.  This is a 66 page manual written in 1902 that tells you how our ancestors cleaned their clothes.  Now some of these methods may seem a bit strange by modern standards.  They used things like homemade soaps, turpentine and kerosene, ammonia, lye and various other chemicals.  The book contains recipes for making some homemade cleaning products.

The book can be downloaded free at http://archive.org/details/cu31924003649559. This is a site maintained by Cornell University Library. Doing laundry, the way they suggest looks like a lot of work.

The following is what is suggested for a home laundry in 1900.

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Shortages of Soap Caused Serious Medical/Hygiene Problems

My mother says that during WW2 shortages of soap caused serious hygiene problems in England.  Soap was shortages of soap caused problems in WW2rationed and hard to get.  Lack of hygiene can result in skin and other medical problems.  My mother was an infectious disease nurse at the beginning of the war and later served in the British Air Force.  She recommends that we store extra soap and hygiene supplies as well as learn to make our own soap.

Hand soaps – Bar soap keeps better than the new liquids, which can evaporate, if stored in the heat.  Figure out how much hand soap you use in a given period and double the amount. …

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The Importance of Soap

My mother was in her early twenties during WW2 and lived in England.  Talking with her about her experiences during rationing and other shortages has been helpful to me.  One of the things that she has mentioned to me was shortages of laundry soap and other soaps.  She said that this became quite a health problem.  The health of babies and small children were threatened due to the lack of soap.  Lack of simple things like hand washing can be major reason for the spread of diseases.

Cleanliness is something we take for granted, we shower every day and put on clean clothes.  …

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