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A Test of Long Term Foods from the 1970’s, part 2

This is second part of the tests of long term food storage. Because of some questions I received yesterday, I want to start by stating my methodology.

  • The first thing that I do is to examine the exterior of the can to be sure that the integrity of the can has not been compromised.  Check the seams for signs of corrosion.
  • Read the label on the can to determine the ingredients.  If there are any oils, be very careful about rancidity.  For instance the dehydrated bananas, I checked yesterday listed coconut oil in the ingredients and smelled strongly of rancidity.
  • I then open the cans and checked the smell, looking for odors that indicate rot or rancidity.
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A Test of Long Term Foods Stored Since the 1970’s, Part 1

Yesterday a friend brought me 16 cans of very old long term storage food stored in #10 cans that he had in the back of his storage.  The can all seemed to date from the mid to late 1970’s.  They covered a variety of companies some of which no longer exist.  I am opening the majority of the cans and evaluating the contents.

The first can I opened was a can of banana slices from about 78 or 79.  These were package by Sam Andy Foods.  They did not look to bad, but had a strong rancid smell.  I have a strong stomach, but I would have to be starving to eat these. …

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