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New Free Hesperian Medical Books for Preppers

medical booksI am cheap and I admit it.  Every time I get a chance to get something useful for free, I take it.  One of the best sources for free medical books is the Hesperian Health Guides.  They have some great new medical books available.  Now not all of these books are free, but many of them are.

Now some of these medical books I have posted information on before, but they have added some new titles and there are always beginning preppers.  Here is the link to the Hesperian Health Guides.

The Hesperian Health Guides currently publishes 20 titles that are written for use in third world countries. …

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Hesperian Foundation and Free Medical Books


Hesperian FoundationYesterday, thanks to Matt who regularly sends comments, I received additional information on the Hesperian Foundation website.  They are the publishers of Where There is No Doctor.  Because they see the need for this information to be distributed, they allow all their books to be downloaded at no cost.  This does not apply if you intend to make a profit from their information.

The following links lead to their download sites.  Everyone should have the following four books in their library.

http://hesperian.org/10408695.php Where there is No Dentist

http://www.hesperian.org/10411911.php Where there is No Doctor

http://www.hesperian.org/10408692.php A Book for Midwifes

http://www.hesperian.org/10408699.php Where Women Have No Doctor


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