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Medical Supplies and Information, You Should Have.

medical supplies The following is some medical information that I recently received in an email from one of our readers.  This is some good information on pain medications and other medical supplies; I spent a bit of time checking this out and she is entirely correct.

I’m an RN also stocking up my medical kit.  My opinion is to stay away from ibuprofen. NSAIDS have a risk of heart attack and stroke.  Aleve (naproxen sodium) has by far the least risk.  Ibuprofen was so high on the list of the study I read I no longer use it.  Also, aspirin does not have an unlimited shelf life.  …

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An Updated List of Medical Supplies

medical suppliesRecently I have been updating some of my supplies and have made a few changes to this list of suggested medical supplies for preppers.  While this is a fairly complete list, you may have additional training or medical conditions that require specialized supplies

I have not listed a quantity for most of the items, this will depend of the size of your group and the medical conditions of your family or group.

  • A durable case – preferably with compartments for storage and ease of access.
  • A good First Aid reference manual and a copy of the new Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook.
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Updated Medical Supply List for Your Home or BOL

Here is a list of First Aid supplies for your home or BOL.  Remember the best first aid kit is only as good as the person using it.  Take at least the red Cross Advanced First Aid and CPR courses, but get all the training you can.

Find a good box or bag in which to store the supplies. Keep your supplies cool and dry. Inspect your kit yearly, things like adhesive tape have a shelf life as well as the over the counter medicines.  That does not mean that when the shelf life dates shows up you automatically throw out an item, just evaluate it.…

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A Good List of First Aid Supplies

This is a list that was forwarded to me.  I have reviewed it and feel that it is a good solid list for a kit that anyone would be lucky to have in an emergency.  Their advice on rotating certain types of dressing is excellent.  This is something that is easy to forget about.  As with any list, yours may vary depending on your expertise.  Remember all the equipment in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t have someone with the expertise to use it correctly.


I like to see these items in my ideal well-stocked first aid kit.…

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