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The Versatile Stinging Nettle Plant

Stinging nettles grow throughout most of the United States. They are common and easy to identify and pick as long as you wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and have a good pair of gloves. Of course a good quality, authoritative book on foraging like this one goes a long way to insure you’e picking the right plant.

How to use stinging nettles as an edible

This edible plant has a flavor similar to spinach when cooked, and they are well worth harvesting when you can as they are rich in vitamins A, C, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium. Native Americans harvested stinging nettles and used them as a cooked plant in spring when other food plants were scarce.…

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Medicinal Plants, Learn how to Use Them.


I know we have done several articles on medicinal plants and their uses in emergencies.  If you have any ideas of utilizing these plants in the future, you need to start learning how now.

An emergency is not the time to start hunting for the plants you will need to make some of the remedies. The times of the year will have a lot to do with it, not everything is in bloom when you want it.  Also just finding the leaves, berries, roots, or flowers in a strange area would be stressful.

Because of the stress of the situation and prior medical conditions, many people will die from lack of proper medications.  …

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