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How to Avoid Thermal Imaging Devices

Avoid Thermal Imaging Devices

A warm body can be detected by the infrared (IR) heat that it gives off with thermal imaging equipment, and provides a difficult challenge to someone or something wishing to avoid detection. You may be camouflaged in the best concealment there is, but you may be highly visible to thermal imaging from someone with a IR scope on the ground or that drone flying overhead. This goes the same for any warm or hot equipment that you might wish to conceal.

What is infrared? It is light not visible to the human eye; electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light, extending from the red edge of the visible spectrum.…

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Info About the Emergency Mylar Blanket/Sleeping Bag

This is an article sent from Utah by a reader.


Emergency mylar blankets can be a useful tool for keeping warm under the right conditions, but they do have their limitations. Under certain circumstances they may not be as effective as expected and when used under the wrong conditions, the result can be death. Their primary purpose is to keep you warm under limited conditions, not get you warm.

How They Work
It is important to understand that these emergency blankets work by reflecting a portion of your body heat. Therefore, you must have sufficient body heat to begin with for them to be effective.…

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