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Stoves for your Bug Out Bags

Here is a post from C.E. Harris on the U.S. Military Natick cookers and Alcohol stoves.  This time I have taken the liberty of addin a few comments at the end.

I have several of the US Army “Natick cookers” NSN 8465-01-250-3632, aka the “canteen cup warming stand” which nests with the US 1 qt. canteen and cup in the canteen cover. http://www.bestglide.com/canteen_cup_stove.html  I keep one of these sets in each car emergency kit.

I decided to do some impromptu testing to compare their heating efficiency with the Trangia alcohol burner I normally use.  The results are interesting.  I will describe my test methodology so that others can follow similar procedures to compare their cookers. …

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