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Hunting and Plant Gathering After Nuclear Fallout

nuclear falloutI was recently doing some research on radiation and came across some information in a government publication on gathering wild food after nuclear fallout.  This was written for the US military.  The first part talked about gathering packaged and canned foods.  Canned foods should have the labels removed and then be washed.  The food inside will be good.

Foods stored inside closed containers or protected areas like cellars should be safe.  However, you need to wash them prior to handling or eating.

Now what about Hunting Animals

First, assume that all animals, regardless of their living conditions have been exposed to nuclear fallout. …

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Nuclear Fallout and (EMP) Electromagnetic Pulse

With the current situation in the Ukraine, I decided to post some links to articles that I have written on the subjects of nuclear fallout and EMP.  Some of these articles were written during the nuclear meltdown in Japan, but the information in them is still valid.

Depending on what develops in the next few days, I intent to write to post some information on improvised nuclear fallout shelters.

nuclear fallout

Here are some improvise shelters from the 1960's. I think these are valid ideas that could make the difference between life and death depending on how far you are from the nuclear detonation.

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Rules on Nuclear Fallout

I have been thinking about posting more information on nuclear fallout so today I will explain the seven – ten rule of nuclear decay.

Assume that a one Megaton Bomb blast occurs and you are sheltered or far enough away to survive the blast.  If fallout of one thousand Rads arrives at your location 1 hour after the blast, you have to be sheltered.  A four hundred and fifty Rad accumulative dose can kill you, so one-half hour of unsheltered exposure can be fatal.  If you have shelter and are using the seven – ten rule you will know that after seven hours the outside rate will drop to 100 Rads per hour.  …

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