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Nuclear Reactor Locations in the U.S.

This is the best list of nuclear reactor locations that I have been able to locate.  As you can see they are scattered throughout the U.S., some in places you would not expect.  Be sure and take a look at the one used by colleges, many of you may be surprised to fined out how close one is to you.




Nuclear Reactor Locations

Power Station PlantsNRC Region



Capacity (MWe)

Commission Date

Decommission Date

Region I (Northeast)

Beaver Valley Nuclear Generating Station Beaver CountyPennsylvania Unit 1: 970
Unit 2: 920
Unit 1: July 2, 1976
Unit 2: August 14, 1987
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Generating Station Calvert Cliffs, Maryland Unit 1: 873
Unit 2: 863
Unit 1: 1975
Unit 2: 1977
Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Haddam NeckConnecticut 582 1968 2004
Ginna Nuclear Generating Station OntarioNew York 610 June 1, 1970
Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station Lower Alloways Creek TownshipNew Jersey 1,059 December 20, 1986
Indian Point Energy Center BuchananNew York Unit 2: 1,020
Unit 3: 1,025
Unit 2: August 1, 1974
Unit 3: August 30, 1976
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