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Information on Radiation

The following information is from an email I received from Freezedryguy

“What more happens?  Well, let’s move along to the plume, which is expected over the US Aleutian Islands today, and into Canada and the US tomorrow.

One of the better plume animations has been put together by Der Standard of Austria online here which shows what’s feed into the jet stream.  Another is The Weather Space page here.

From there, you can step through the 160º E by 30º to 40º N and then take a look at the 5-day SFSU jet stream animation build here.

SOURCE: urbansurvival.com

As you know, with the nuclear reactor leakage in Japan, people are trying without much success to locate sources of Potassium Iodide. …

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Protection Factors in Nuclear Emergency’s

In light of the nuclear situation in Japan I have decide to post some information on sheltering as a protection from radiation.  At this time I do not expect radiation to become a problem in the United States.  But in the eventuality that there is a worst case disaster this information could save your life. The attached diagram gives you an idea of the protection factors of various types of construction. The numbers in the various spaces indicate the protection factor, for example the number 3 shows that the radiation would be reduced to a 1/3, the number 10 to 1/10.  …

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