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Waterproofing for Tents, Clothing and Shoes, Making Your Own


The right 1/2 of this cap has been waterproofed

For many years, oilcloth was used for waterproofing clothes, tents and even for covering pioneers wagons.  You can still buy oilcloth clothing and some members of my family wear it and love it for rainy weather.  Oilcloth, also known as enameled cloth or (in England) American cloth, was close-woven cotton duck or linen cloth (canvas) with a coating of boiled linseed oil.  It was one of very few flexible, waterproof materials that were widely available.  Oilcloth was used as an outer waterproof layer for clothing, luggage and many other uses.

Now recently I have been looking into how to make your own waterproofing materials. …

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More on Storing Clothes

First of all, let me thank you for the comments and suggestions you have sent in. I learn so much from them. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions and comments. Please continue to write and make suggestions.

The link for the sewing machine equipment was very useful; Some of my stuff is  old and in need of an upgrade. I don’t get on-line alot, unlike my husband, I don’t like the computer to much, so I only use it for this blog and email.

An assortment of material is very important. If you go to flea markets, garage sales, church rummage sales and thrift stores you can pick up some great stuff.…

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