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Olive and Fruit Press

Near where I live, there are a lot of wild olive trees.  With oil being a problem to store for long periods, I decided to build an olive press.  It should also work for apples, grapes and other fruit.  It was simple to make, I started with a hydraulic jack I found in a garage sale.  The press is now finished and ready to use.  As soon as I finish testing it, I plan to have it powder coated to keep it from rusting.

My son and I put it together out of scrap materials in his shop.  We made a simple metal framework and a removable bucket with a perforated liner. …

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Making Lists and Other Projects

The other day I sat down and made a list of things that I still need to do.  Some are things that I started and have never completed and others were things like gasoline that need to be rotated.  It is amazing how quick time flies.  Some five gallon cans of gasoline were well past the date to rotate them. Yet it just seems like I had done it the other day.

My wife is the master of lists and writing things down.  Me I am always going to remember to do things.  Well the truth is it’s time I adopted her methods, she does her part better than I do mine. …

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New Preparedness Projects

Today is a different type of blog instead of giving information I am asking for it.  A friend and I are working on several long-range projects and are looking for people who have information that may be helpful.

The four we are currently researching are.

One, wood gasification or running gasoline motors on wood.

Two, we would like to build a press to form charcoal or fuel briquettes.

Three, there are many olives available in our area; we would like to build an olive press.

Four, running an alternator by wind power.

In you have information that you feel would help us we would appreciate you sharing. …

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