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Storing Salt and Sugar for Preserving Food

storing salt and sugarSomething that is often forgotten in people’s preps is salt and sugar. Now, the reaction of most people when I tell them to store salt and sugar, is that these are not important items. Some even make the statement that for health reasons you should not store them. I am as health conscious as most people and try to avoid things that are bad for me. However eating sugar and salt is a better option that starvation, which can occur if you are unable to preserve your foods.

My wife and I have spent quite a bit of time learning different ways to preserve foods.…

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Here is an Excellent Graphic on Pickling

I am starting to feel better and hopefully next week the blog will be back up to normal.  This experience has taught me some new things which I will share with you in the near future.

In the meantime enjoy this graphic on pickling.


Source: Fix.com

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What Type of Salt Should You Store for Brining?

Until a 150 years ago salt was expensive and often hard to get.  Then the main use of salt was as a food preservative.  It could be used for pickling, brining or dry curing meat.  Today I am going to talk about brining and the type of salt you should store for preserving food.

The use of canning or pickling salt is recommended. While both iodized and noniodized may be safely used, noniodized is preferred.  Noncaking materials added to table salts may make the brine cloudy.  Flake salt varies in density and is not recommended for use.  A friend who  pickles several hundred pounds of cucumbers and olives a year will use nothing but noniodized sea salt.…

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