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Making Scrapple and Sausage

This is a recipe that will come in handy when things are tough. Since we will be trying to use everything we have and not waste anything.

The following is a recipe that I found in an old cookbook from the 1800’s and I hope that you will try it next time you butcher that hog. If you have ever made sausage you know that there are many leftover parts.

“Scrapple is generally made from the head, feet and any pieces which may be left after having made sausage meat.

Scrape and wash well all pieces designed for the scrapple, put them in a pot with just as much water as will cover them.…

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More on The Best Animals for Self Sufficiency

The post on raising animals brought in some great replies. http://bit.ly/Vy4493  I gained some good information from them.  After more studying and reading the comments, I have decided that if you are living in a semi urban area with limited access to acreage like me, that chickens and rabbits would be the best choice.

For those of you with more land and fencing, goats, pigs and other large animals should be considered.  If you have a big enough area, they can scavenge a lot of their own food.  But remember you need a lot of feed for them.  With chickens and rabbits, I think I could find enough feed in my area to keep them healthy.…

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The Best Animals for Self Sufficiency.

Yesterday I was involved in a discussion of what would be the easiest and most practical animal to raise in a long term disaster situation for food.  We basically came up with three choices, but never did decide which would be best.  The three choices were pigs, chickens and goats.

The factors that we took in consideration were.

  • The length of the animal’s gestation period.
  • Does the animal produce multiple births and how long to maturity.
  • Can the animal live off the land?
  • Does it compete for resources with you?
  • What type of workload does it create for you?
  • Can it be butchered easily at home?
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