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How to be a Prepper and Avoid Going Crazy

prepperI have been a prepper for almost 50 years and still have managed to enjoy life.  During this time, there have been many changes.  First, we were prepping for war with the Soviet Union; everyone thought that it was imminent.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there have been more troubles.  Today we have problems with the economy, concerns about freedom and the fighting throughout the world.  Diseases new or old are always on the horizon.

Today they talk about global warming.  Before that, there was global cooling, acid rain Y2K, and oil and food shortages caused by overpopulation.  It seems like there is always something in the news to worry us. …

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Some suggestions for beginning preppers.


I have been prepping in one form or another since my early twenties; I am now seventy years old.  When I started we were called survivalists not preppers.  During this time, I have made many mistakes and went down the wrong rabbit hole a few times.  When I was young I put more stock in bugging out, as I got married and raised a family, this changed.  Bugging out with young children is a completely different thing than when you are single.

Even today, while we are in good health and physically active, we are limited by older parents that are in their nineties and young grandchildren. …

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Being a Prepper and Leading a Normal Life is Not Always Easy.



Don't look like this and attract attention.

I am 70 years old and have been a prepper since my early twenties.  During this time, I have seen a few people move to their bug out locations and love it there.  I have seen others who tried it and soon gave up.  Me, I have never had a real strong desire to live on a mountaintop completely cut off from the world.

We live in a smaller community, but not an isolated one.  I have traveled both for work and for fun.  So how do you reconcile being a prepper and traveling?  …

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So You have Decided to Become a Prepper, How do You Start?

So you have decided to become a prepper.  How do you start?  First, make a plan.  Don’t just run of willy-nilly.  Making a plan will save you money and help you avoid making costly mistakes.  Here are four simple steps that may help you make a plan.

Step 1.  Why are you preparing – What are the hazards in your neighborhood or geographic area?

  • Do you live on an earthquake fault?
  • Are you in a flood zone or an area of high fire danger?
  • Are there major highways or railroad routes (which could cause chemical spills or explosions) near your home?
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Ten Steps to Start Prepping

Ok, you just decided to start prepping what do you do first?

Don’t panic, prepping may seem like a huge project but it is manageable. It is kind of like the old kids joke, how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  The following is a ten-step guide to getting started.

1. Evaluate what you already have.  How much extra food do you have in the house?  What kind of camping gear do you have?  Do you own firearms?  How much can you budget to purchase preps?  Don’t go into debt to purchase preps.

2.  Study and make a plan.…

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