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The Many Amazing Uses of a Pressure Cooker as a Tool for Preppers

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My wife has two of the all American Pressure Canners a 10-quart model 910 and the 30-quart model 930.  She loves them and has found many different uses for them; they are not just for canning.  While we have ran across people with the misconception that they are just for canning, they will do anything a pressure cooker will do.

Pressure cookers are extremely versatile and can replace many of the other pots in your kitchen.  They can cook your food in ½ the time or less and preserve up to 55% more of your foods vitamins and nutrients than other cooking methods.…

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Pressure Cookers can Save Preppers Time and Fuel

For years, my wife has used a pressure cooker for many things, including canning.  They are efficient and cook your food quickly.  In any disaster situation, fuel is in short supply.  If you are cooking over an open fire, you have to work to find, carry, cut, and stack the firewood.  Other fuels such as propane or petroleum-based fuels will all run out eventually.  So anything that speeds up your cooking is energy saving.

Some examples how much time a pressure cooker can save you

  • Black beans  3-6 minutes
  • Pinto beans 1-3 minutes
  • Bulgar wheat 8-10 minutes
  • Spelt berries  15 minutes
  • Wheat berries 30 minutes
  • Beef cubes 1 inch  10-15 minutes
  • Beef stew  15-20 minutes
  • Potatoes, whole large  10-14 minutes
  • Corn on the cob  3 minutes

From these example you can see how much shorter than normal the cooking times are.…

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Well folks, I thought for sure, I had posted the instructions for canning chicken. I was informed that I haven’t. I have only mentioned it. Ok so here it is: this was passed on to me by our daughter. She is a wonder, and does a lot of experimenting. She also likes to bake and does a marvelous job on our waist lines. Good thing she lives out of state, or I would never lose weight.

We like dark meat on chicken and turkey.  I get the skinless chicken thighs, if they are not too expensive or on sale. I also get turkey thighs.…

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Canning Bacon

I have found many articles on canning bacon.  Except for a few variances (paper or no paper and length of bacon), the canning methods are the same.  Where the recipe came from, or if it is “approved” by the FDA as safe, I don’t know. There is a chapter in the USDA Home Canning Book, that refers to stripes, cubes, or chucks of meat (chapter 5, page 6) the recipe is very close to what they say, but I suggest you research this for yourselves.  The Bacon I canned last night, looks ok, even thro it has some grease at the bottom of jar (which looks yuk). …

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