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How to Turn Off Large Propane Tanks

propane tanks
Here you can see the dome that covers the shutoff valve on a propane tank.

In case of a disaster, you should understand the dangers posed by your propane tanks and how to turn them off.  Now this article is written primarily about the large tanks, 250 gallons and above.  These tanks are normally placed in a stationary location with permanent piping to your gas appliances.

In case of the loss of electricity, these propane tanks should not be affected, although depending on the type of appliances you own, they may not work without power.  In case of an earthquake, mudslide or similar disaster, the tank or piping may be damaged. …

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The Correct Fitting for 4-40 Pound Propane Tanks

New style propane tank connect to hose.

While I was arranging for hoses for my tri fuel generators, I ran across what could be a problem for some people.  As many of you know as of April 1, 2002, federal law mandated all portable vertical propane tanks of 4- to 40-pound capacity be equipped with a new “quick-closing coupler” overflow protection valve.  The new QCC-style valve replaces the older style “Prest-O-Lite” valves to ensure propane tanks are not accidentally overfilled.

Because gas expands as air temperature rises, this is supposed to limit the filling of the tanks to 80%.  This is to allow for the propane to expand when exposed to heat. …

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