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Raised Beds make for Easy to Maintain Gardens

raised beds

They all can be water just by turning one hose on.

Summer is here and it is time to have your garden planted.  Now I am not a gardener, I like the produce, but gardening is something I do under protest.  Now my wife likes to garden.  However, in recent years she has had some problems with being able to bend over to work on the garden and needs raised beds.

So this last year we put in some raised beds and they have worked out well.  Because of the cost of redwood, we ended up buying some Rubbermaid drinking troughs for cattle. …

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Raised Planters for Your Garden

raised planters

My wife has already cut a number of leaves from the Swiss chard and lettuce. we had Swiss chard for supper last night.


At the beginning of April, my wife and I set up some raised planters to make it easier for her to garden.  We used some horse troughs because it was cheaper than buying redwood.  Here is a link to the first post where we show what we did, Some Easy to Make Raised Planters. 

My wife planted various seedlings she got from a local nursery.  The soil that we used is mulch that my father (he is in his 90s) had made last year. …

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Some Easy to Make Raised Planters

raised planters

The drinking troughs

One of the problems of getting old is that you don’t bend over as easy as you used to.  My wife has wanted to try some raised planters for a while, to see if it is easier on her back.  Well I promised her some.

So I thought I would go and buy some redwood and throw a couple of raised planters together.  That was before I got sticker shock at the lumberyard caused by the price of redwood.  So I decided I had to find a cheaper way.  I couldn’t find a good deal on scrap lumber, so I went in another direction.…

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