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How to Identify North American Poisonous Snakes

In the area in which I live, there is a large population of poisonous snakes, namely rattlers. They are good in the sense that they consume large numbers of rodents that cause other problems. Personally, I have hiked this country for years and encounter rattlesnakes on various occasions, but have never felt threatened. I merely bypass the snake or if they are on a popular trail, I will throw something at them to get the off the trail. I see no need to kill them unless they are an immediate threat or I want the food.

poisonous snakes

Diamondback Rattlesnake

poisonous snakes

prairie rattlesnake




poisonous snakes

Pygmy Rattler

poisonous snakes

Timber Rattler

In North America, there are four poisonous snakes that are divided into two classes, Coral snakes and pit vipers. …

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Cooking Rattlesnakes

Western Diamond Back Rattler

In the area in which I live there is a good source of meat that many people refuse to eat, but that I think is delicious.  I am talking about rattlesnake.  Now I know you always hear that it tastes like chicken, don’t believe it. It tastes like rattlesnake.  The closest like I can think of in taste is alligator.

They are easy to clean and cook.  After you kill the snake, be careful of the head.  The head still contains poison that is dangerous.  Dispose of it where children and animals can’t get at it.  Once the head is removed, the next step is to skin it. …

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