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Pioneer Recipes & Cooking: Why We Should Learn From Them

Pioneer Recipes and Cooking-Lately, I have been studying the American pioneer recipes that were cooked on their westward trek.  Many of the methods and recipes that they utilized could work very well for us in a TEOTWAWKI situation. The list of foods that they carried are a surprisingly close match to what many of us store today. Their list included such items as beans, corn, wheat, rice and dried fruits and vegetables. These are the foods that are the most inexpensive for us to store today and still provide the nutrition that we require.

In addition, they carried dried and salted meat.…

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Preppers Cheese: Simple to Make From Powdered Milk

preppers cheeseThis last Saturday, I attended a Preparedness Fair put on by our local ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). There was lots of good information on various methods of food storage and preparation. One thing that I learned was how to make preppers cheese from powdered milk. It was very simple to make and tasted like an unsalted ricotta cheese. You could use it to make lasagna, macaroni and cheese and to top casseroles. In a disaster where fresh cheese wasn’t available, this would be a simple way to provide it without much work.…

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Pioneer Cooking Methods & Recipes Can Help You Use Your Food Storage

Pioneer Cooking Methods Food Storage (5)I have been doing some more research on pioneer cooking. It always interests me because the recipes incorporate many of the foods we have in our storage.  Most of their recipes can be cooked over an open fire or in the kitchen with a cast iron frying pan or a Dutch oven. The recipes are simple and are easy to alter, depending on what supplies you have available.

If our power grid ever goes out for more than just a day or two, knowing how our pioneer ancestors preserved and cooked food will come in handy.

First, a note about the type of bacon that they carried on the wagons.…

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A Good Recipe to Help you Stretch Your Meat After TEOTWAWKI

I remember having creamed beef over toast in the boarding school I went to and loved it. It was served with mashed potatoes and string beans. I thought it was great, but later I learned it was used to stretch the schools budget. I made it for my kids when they were young and they liked it over their mashed potatoes.

I was looking through some of my old recipes and found an easy recipe for creamed beef.  It’s very hard for me to throw any leftovers away, I can still hear my grandmother saying that people were starving in the world and we should be grateful we have good food to eat.  …

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Pork Dinner in a Skillet

Found this recipe my Mom used to cook, she didn’t cook very much. But when she did she would invent recipes. The following one was one that succeeded. There are several more recipes that she got from my grandmother that I will pass on later.

  • 6 shoulder Pork Chops
  • 2 Tbsp. chopped onion
  • 1 green pepper, sliced in rings
  • 1 #2 can tomatoes with juice
  • ½ cup rice – uncooked
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • 1tsp chili pepper (optional)

Brown the chops in hot oil or fat (pour off fat or oil). Add onion green peppers and tomatoes, arranging pepper rings on top.…

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Wonder Oven Update:

baked_beansThis past week, we did some camping. I wanted to have some food ready when the family got there, to go with the hamburgers. I used my Wonder Oven to cook baked beans and some spare ribs, boneless and cut into pieces. The beans were great, but the ribs were dry. I prepared them the same way I usually do. I parboiled them and then spread the meat on a cookie sheet, covered with BBQ sauce and baked in my house oven. My mistake was partially cooking the ribs at home. Instead, I should have parboiled them and then put them in the Wonder Oven and let them cook in the BBQ sauce.…

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Wonder Box Recipe for Tamale Pie

If you do any camping or traveling, these next few days I will give you a recipe that would be good to try. Finding places to eat, which are healthy is getting harder. Of course you can always go to a restaurant, pay the high price and tip. By using the Wonder Box you have a good meal at any rest stop or at gas stops. This next recipe, you can do the prep work a day ahead and heat it up in the morning. Make corn bread the day before.

Tamale Pie
In a large pot start browning the meat, until red color is almost gone.…

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Wonder Box Recipes:

With summer coming, it’s going to be great cooking in a Wonder Box. No heat from a stove to worry about.  Here are a couple more recipes for you to try. I haven’t tried this one, but my friend has and she gave me the recipes.

pearPear Dessert (or apple)
Filling                                               Topping
15 pears, peeled                            2 tbsp. flour
Cored & quartered                         2 tbsp. of brown sugar
Zest from one lemon                      1 tsp. cinnamon
¼ flour                                              ¼ tsp. ginger
¼ sugar                                           mix together, cut in a
¼ water                                           tablespoon of butter

Toss pears with lemon juice, zest, flour and sugar. Put water in bottom of a large pan, (like a double boiler) place pear mixture in pan that will fit inside the larger pan of water and top with topping.…

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Here is a recipe I am trying. Some of you have probably ready gone on line and checked some out other recipes.  Have you tried any yet? The stew that I made was very good.

This is the one I am trying next: TERYAKI CHICKEN
½ cup soy sauce
1/3 cup sugar
¼ tsp ginger
(Combine top three ingredients and fill with water to the top of a
2 cup measuring cup)
¼ minced onion
Raw chicken (cut up)or you use
Chicken breast , cut into bite size pieces and marinate.

Use approximately 1 piece of chicken per person (cut up) and marinate in sauce for a minimum of 3-4 hours.…

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Cooking with a Wonder Box

This morning I decided to cook a beef stew, I figured this would be a good time to cook with my Wonder Box.  I made a simple beef stew in a eight quart stainless steel pan.  It was then brought it to a hard boil for fifteen minutes. The lid should be on during the boiling to warm it.

The hot pan was then placed in the bottom of the Wonder Box.  The bottom cushion came up to almost the top of the pan.  I then placed the top cushion over the top of the pan making sure there were no gaps to let the heat out.…

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