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Finding a Good Location to Permanently Bug Out To.

You have decided to move, where too?

Let’s assume you have the money and means to move anywhere you want and resettle.  What would be the criteria you would use to find the perfect retreat location?  Now I am assuming that this would probably be your main residence.

After lots of thought, I have come up with the following list of suggestions.  I have posted some of this information in the past.

  • I would want to be on the edge of a small town, one just large enough to have at least a small hospital and doctors.  Maybe 2-5000 people.  No larger.
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A Discussion of Retreats or BOL (bug out locations)

Retreats are something that most of us would like to have, but never will be able to afford it in today’s market. I define retreats as a hideaway in the back country (bug out location).  I am not a big believer in retreats unless they are your permanent residence.  If you are young you may want to consider a career that permits you to live where you want.  Too many of us are trapped by finances, employment and family.

I know of people whose retreats are located several hundred miles from where they live and work.  It is easy to use all your resources to construct such a retreat. …

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