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Rotating Long Term Storage is Always a Problem

I wish that I could purchase long term storage foods that would last forever without any rotation.  But the truth is you can’t, rotating long term storage is always a problem.  Now because I have been into food storage for about 50 years, I have occasionally run into problems with shelf life.  Just the other day I opened some buckets that were buried in my storage.  They contained wheat that is about 30 + years old.  It looked good, so I decided to see if it would still sprout.

After running a sample through my sprouting trays, I found that a small percentage would start to sprout. …

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Rotating Food is a Good Habit to Get Into

Every now and then, I like to get back to basics.  So today, I want to talk about rotating food.  One of the biggest problems many of us have is keeping track of our food and rotating it on a regular schedule.

You should have an inventory of your food storage and it should include expiration dates.  This makes it easy to rotate your food.  Once a year you check your inventory and pull out everything that will expire that year.  Move this into your everyday pantry and use it up during the year.  Having the inventory is the whole trick.…

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Rotating Food and Why You Should Do It.


As you saw in yesterdays post, older long-term food stores turn up fairly regularly.  I even had a friend call me up and say that he still had a number of cans of Dri-Harvest in his storage.  Now rotating food is always your best course of action, but is it always practical.

There is an old saying “eat what you store and store what you eat”.  This is something we have always tried to do.  But it is not always practical, if you use a lot of fresh foods and cook from scratch.

Rotating food has the following advantages.

  • The food is always fresh
  • No loss of foods from failed cans or packaging.
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