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16 Tips to Help You Deal with Seasonal Allergies After TEOTWAWKI

seasonal allergiesSpring is upon us and so are seasonal allergies.  Now I have bad allergies and over the years have spent some miserable springs and falls.  Now much of what I do to mitigate them goes out the window when the system fails.  I can no longer hide in an air-conditioned house and most medications will be in short supply.  So what is the solution?

Tips to help deal with seasonal allergies

  1. Stock pile medications, while you have a chance. My doctor gives me refills for 12 months a year.  My allergies only act up for about 6 months a year.  So every year I stock up some extra meds. 
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Seasonal Allergies How Do You Treat Them After TEOTWAWKI

seasonal allergies

Every year about this time, I suffer from seasonal allergies.  Now mine get bad enough to turn into seasonal asthma.  This means that I have to take some form of medication to keep it from getting bad.  Now what about after TEOTWAWKI?

Having suffered from this for years, I have tried all different ways to control my allergies.  I have tried everything from herbs to modern medications, and have found a few things that really help.

First, there are several things that you can do to control seasonal allergies that do not require herbs or medications.

  • Stay out of the pollen as much as possible. 
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