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Why You Want a Family Picture in Your Bug Out Bag

family pictures

A friend of mine has a large and young family, in case of a disaster his plan A is to bug in, but there is always plane B, bugging out.  His children run in age from four to fifteen, so all but the very youngest can walk a fair distance and even he can carry a small pack.  One of the first things he does when building a bug out bag or seventy two hour kit is to put a family picture in everyone’s pack.  He considers these family pictures one of the most important items in the pack.

While you will always strive to keep your family together, there is always the possibility that you will become separated.…

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Suggestion for a Bug Out Bag

It has been a long time since I have posted a suggested list for the contents of a 72 hour kit or bug out bag.  I look at the kit as designed to get you to some safe place within a few days. This is not a kit that will allow most of us to live in the back country without additional help.

FOOD -Three days’ supply of food minimum, (I carry more) to be determined by size and age of family and personal needs.
Suggested items

• MRE’s (meals ready to eat) or LRPs (long range patrol rations)
• Canned food – meats, tuna, sardine, fruits, vegetables chili etc, (I avoid these as to heavy) .…

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Get Home Bag

My situation on a Get Home Bag is a bit different from a lot of people.  I am a photographer that is particularly interested in wildlife and nature.  Within a hundred miles or so of my house is some of the best bird photography in the United States.  The problem is that I am often traveling with other people in their vehicle and they are not preppers.

My camera gear is in a backpack, so a second backpack would attract attention.  So I keep my kit in a different type of bag.  I use a LAPG Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag that I purchased over the internet from LA Police Gear. …

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