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Waterless Hygiene and How to Keep Yourself Clean

Waterless Hygiene and How to Keep Yourself Clean via Preparedness Advice

Now, there are numerous situations in which disaster could leave us short of water. They could be just for a couple of hours or situations that lasted for months or even years. Besides the lack of drinking water, how would you stay clean in a world short on water?

This brings us to the topic of waterless hygiene, and believe it or not, there are actually products on the market that provide you with quite a good cleansing using no water at all. A bottle or two in every bug out bag would be a wise investment.

I am assuming that you currently have access to a limited amount of water like most people, and that you are reliant on city water.…

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No Rinse Shampoo and Body Washes

I recently found a company, Cleanlife Products that produces a No Rinse Shampoo cap, Shampoo, Body Wash, Bathing wipes and Instant Foam non-alcohol Hand Sanitizer.  These products are made for hikers, camper, truckers, and military men. The products claim, that absolutely no rinsing is required after use.

These products would have really come in handy when my 91 year old mother-in-law twisted her leg and had to have a caregiver to bath her and wash her hair. But this product arrived a week too late. So I am the tester for this product.

I used the No Rinse Shampoo; directions are to apply to hair until completely wet.…

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