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Smoke Detectors Save Lifes

A few nights ago a family I am familiar with lost their home to a fast burning attic fire.  They were able to escape smoke detectorwith their lives because smoke detectors woke them up.  Without smoke detectors, it is very possible that one or more of them might have died.

Smoke detectors work well and may very well save your life and home.  You can buy battery operated smoke detectors for between 10-30 dollars.

Smoke detectors come in several types, battery operated, hard wired to your electric system or a combination of both.   I recommend that you either have battery operated or hard wired with battery backup. …

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Fire Prevention in Your Home


Smoke is responsible for three out of four fire related deaths.

Install smoke detectors on every level of your home, outside of sleeping areas and in bedrooms.  Don’t install in kitchen, the false alarms will drive you crazy.

Test every smoke detector once a month. Replace the batteries once a year or more often if the detector makes a chirping sound.

If you buy a new one make sure if is approved by U.L. and the State Fire Marshal


Your fire extinguisher should be a minimum of 4A10BC (see specifications on name plate) and U.L. or State fire Marshal approved.…

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