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An Interview with Paul Munsen of Global Sun Ovens and Some Good Tips on How to Use a Solar Oven.

As a result of last Saturday’s Solar Cook Off, I spent some time this morning talking to Paul Munsen of Global Sun Ovens.  My initial reason for talking to him was that I wanted to find out the difference between the older Global Sun ovens and the new All American Global Sun oven. There was one at the cook off and it reached a bit higher temperatures than the older models.  However, we ended up talking about all types of solar cooking and this led to some good tips on how to best utilize a solar oven.

Paul said that the glass used in the new All American Global Sun Oven is a low iron glass that blocks less of the sun’s rays and is 25% thicker than on the older models. …

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A Solar Oven Made From an Old Tire

At the solar cook off there were successes and near failures.  I want to write about one of the near failures.  This was something I have heard about in the past and have been told that it worked.  Now this improsed oven was not a complete failure, I can see some possible uses for it.

A young lady brought a tire and window and attempted to make a solar oven with them.  She set the tire on concrete and put an open topped aluminum dish in it filled with potatoes and zucchini.  She then placed the window over the top to contain the heat.…

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Learn More about Solar Cooking

Reflective solar cookers

This is part two on the solar cookoff.  As I mentioned yesterday the reflective type solar ovens did not perform as well as the box style.  However this does not mean that we should discard them, they have their place.  First, they are easy to make and improvise.  Second on a bright hot summer day, they work well.

My friend who appears in the following videos uses them to cook with on a regular basis.  To make them more efficient, he cooks in mason jars that have been painted black.  Before he paints them, he put a strip of masking tape on one side. …

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Cooking with a Solar Oven

I am a big fan of solar ovens for a number of reasons, including the following.

  • The fuel is free and readily available.
  • They are inexpensive and easy to make.
  • They are easy to use.
  • As long as the sun is shining they will work.
  • They create no smoke or odors other than the food cooking.
  • In the summer the heat stays outside.
  • Once you learn the principal you can make one almost anywhere.  I am aware of a situation in which one was made from an old tire and a window pane.

The downsides that I have found are

  • Food takes about twice as long as normal to cook.
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