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We Spent the Day Solar Cooking

An opportunity to practice solar cooking

Yesterday we went to the solar cook off in Nevada City.  It was quite an enjoyable day and I learned more about solar ovens.  Quite a few different types of food were successfully cooked.  The day was a bit overcast which quickly revealed the shortcomings of some types of solar ovens.  The box style all worked well, however the reflective and the parabolic both showed shortcomings.

The foods that were cooked included fresh vegetables, chicken, pumpkin, beans, corn bread and fruit cobbler.  The reflective ovens took considerably longer to cook and in a couple of cases, the foods were finished in a box style.…

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Solar Cooking Tips

Sorry for the late post the power has been off and the server was down.  Here is some good information on cooking with solar ovens.

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The Solar Cook Off

Today I went to the Solar Oven Cook Off.  Not a large crowd but a lot of good information.  For today, I am going to post a spread of pictures of different ovens.  Later in another post we will discuss some of them in detail.

Picture 1 Is a simple oven, the man who owns it cooks a high percentage of his meals with it on a regular basis.


Picture 2 A homemade oven that reached temperatures of over 300 degrees.


Picture 3 A Sun Brand oven, it worked well.


Picture 4 An oven made by the Solar Oven Society, it was the least favorite one at the cook off.…

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Invitation to Solar Cook Off


This invitation to a Solar Cook Off was forwarded to me.  Everyone is welcome either just to observe or participate.

If you hear of activities that you think others may enjoy or learn from, please foreward them and I will post them.



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Solar Oven Cooking Tips

Cooking with a solar oven is different than cooking with your kitchen range.  For instance most kitchen ranges cook from the bottom up.  A box type solar oven cooks from the top down.  This is one of the reasons you need to experiment with your solar oven.

If you are cooking bread or muffins, try putting a heat sink under the pan.  This will help make sure they are not too moist on the bottom.  A heat sink is a brick or large flat rock that is painted black and preheated in the solar oven.  This gives you a hot surface to place your pan on.…

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