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How are You Going to Cook After the Grid Goes Down?

Different methods of cooking.

Dutch oven

Something I have wanted to write about for a while is ways to cook when the power is out and you are dependent on what you have stored.  The following is an over view of several methods for cooking at your BOL I wish to discuss in depth in the future.

Campfires – The first method that most people think of is a campfire.  Personally, this would be very low on my choices.  Campfires are difficult to cook on, are highly visible and give off smoke.  Food odors can also be a problem.  They also are inefficient in their consumption of wood.  …

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Cooking with the Global Sun Solar Oven

Cakes cooking in the Global Sun Oven

Cakes cooking in the Global Sun Oven

Yesterday my wife decided to bake a cake in the Global Sun Solar Oven.  Because of time, she started with a cake mix which is very unusual for her, she normal makes everything from scratch.  The mix was for a simple bund cake.  She put the mix in two loaf pans.  The recipe on the box called for cooking the cake for 38-43 minutes at 325 degrees.

The weather was partly overcast, not the best day for solar cooking.  She set the oven out at 0955 hours to warm up.  By 1025 hours, the temperature was up to slightly below 300 degrees. …

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Comparison Test of Solar Ovens

The other day it was about 70 degrees warm and sunny out so I thought this would be a good time to test some solar ovens.  I had three for the test.  The first, a homemade one made with cardboard boxes and an old piece of glass.  The inside of this one was silver in color.  The second was a metal box lined with 11/2 inch Styrofoam insulation.  The inside of this box was painted black and the lid was covered in aluminum foil.  The third was a Global Sun Oven.

I place all three in the sun with a oven thermometer inside each.…

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Solar Oven Cooking

Now that summer is here, we have started using solar ovens again.  This year I have a new one to test, the Global Sun Global Sun ovenOven by Sun Oven International.  This is the first time, I have ever had a commercially manufactured oven and I must say I am impressed.  On an 80 degree, sunny day it reached a temperature of 300 degrees in less than 15 minutes and cooked our lunch quickly.  My homemade ones would take a bit longer.  I have only had this one opportunity to use it and it easily beats my homemade ones.  After I use the Global Sun Oven some more I will write a full review on it.…

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Simple Solar Oven

The solar oven shown in the picture from the Solar Cook Off is one of the simplest I have seen.  It is an inexpensive cardboard oven that he purchased from Solar Cookers International (http://solarcookers.org/) several years ago.  My friend uses it almost every day.  He often cooks his lunch on the hood of his truck while he is at work.

If you look close at the picture, you will notice that he found an old large Tupperware style container with a lid.  He sets that in the oven with painted quart jars of food inside.  The jars are painted black except for a strip on the side so you can check on the food. …

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The Solar Cook Off

Today I went to the Solar Oven Cook Off.  Not a large crowd but a lot of good information.  For today, I am going to post a spread of pictures of different ovens.  Later in another post we will discuss some of them in detail.

Picture 1

Picture 1 Is a simple oven, the man who owns it cooks a high percentage of his meals with it on a regular basis.


Picture 2 A homemade oven that reached temperatures of over 300 degrees.

Picture 2


Picture 3 A Sun Brand oven, it worked well.

Picture 3


Picture 4 An oven made by the Solar Oven Society, it was the least favorite one at the cook off.…

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Food safety with a Solar cooker


There are several things you want to watch with a Solar Cooker to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Homemade cardboard box oven

  • Get a good thermometer to measure the temperature in your oven.
  • When cooking meat, fish or poultry use an accurate probe thermometer place in the center of the meat (not touching bone) to be sure it has reach a safe internal temperature.
  • Beef, veal, and lamp need to reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees.  Pork and ground beef needs to reach an internal temperature of 160 Degrees.  Poultry needs to reach 165 degrees.
  • The danger zone at which the growth and multiplication of pathogens can occur is between 40 to 140 degrees according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s food safety guidelines.
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Solar Oven Cooking Tips

This is a solar oven, I built out of junk. I found in my yard. The ground was damp so i set it on a old tire. It worked well.

Cooking with a solar oven is different than cooking with your kitchen range.  For instance most kitchen ranges cook from the bottom up.  A box type solar oven cooks from the top down.  This is one of the reasons you need to experiment with your solar oven.

If you are cooking bread or muffins, try putting a heat sink under the pan.  This will help make sure they are not too moist on the bottom. …

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More on Solar Ovens

Solar ovens are a great way to cook; they are efficient, clean and easy to use.  In the hot summer the heat stays outside.  They work well in the winter as long as the sun is shining. The ambient air temperature doesn’t seem to matter much, as long as the ovens are well insulated from the cold ground or snow and in bright sunlight.

The one in the picture on the right is an old metal box I found and lined with 2 inch foil covered styrofoam insulation and a sheet of plexiglass for a top cover. It works quite well. …

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Solar Oven Cooking

A simple and inexpensive method of outdoor cooking is the solar oven.  In most locations they can be used though out the year.  A friend of mine in Wyoming has used his when it was sitting on 4 feet of snow.  As long as the sun is out you can cook.

There are many designs for solar ovens, some are better than others.  You can buy one or make it yourself.  I have seen them sell for 200 – 300 dollars or you can make one for next to nothing.  The better ones are more efficient and will reach hotter temperatures.…

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