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Summer has Arrived and it is Time to Start Solar Cooking

Summer is here and the sun in shining.  It is time to start solar cooking.  It is fun, keeps the heat out of your house and prepares you for cooking in an emergency.  Now there are many advantages to solar cooking in an emergency.  One it saves fuel, you don’t have to waste time looking for wood or burning other precious fuels.  You can use a solar cooker in the winter as long as the sun is shining and you insulate the cooker from the cold ground.  A friend of mine has used his sitting on top of 4 feet of snow and been able to cook a meal.…

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Solar Ovens, a Must Have Skill for Preppers

solar ovensSummer is here (at least where I live) the sun is shining and now is a great time to get your solar oven out.  During the summer, we often use it to keep the heat of cooking out of the house.  It also saves the cost of electricity.  You can cook things like roasts, stews, casseroles or bread.

While your oven will work in the winter, it is easier to use in the summer.  We have a Global Sun Oven, although I see where they have come out with the new All American Sun Oven that they say is an improved version. …

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An Interview with Paul Munsen of Global Sun Ovens and Some Good Tips on How to Use a Solar Oven.

As a result of last Saturday’s Solar Cook Off, I spent some time this morning talking to Paul Munsen of Global Sun Ovens.  My initial reason for talking to him was that I wanted to find out the difference between the older Global Sun ovens and the new All American Global Sun oven. There was one at the cook off and it reached a bit higher temperatures than the older models.  However, we ended up talking about all types of solar cooking and this led to some good tips on how to best utilize a solar oven.

Paul said that the glass used in the new All American Global Sun Oven is a low iron glass that blocks less of the sun’s rays and is 25% thicker than on the older models. …

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A Solar Oven Made From an Old Tire

At the solar cook off there were successes and near failures.  I want to write about one of the near failures.  This was something I have heard about in the past and have been told that it worked.  Now this improsed oven was not a complete failure, I can see some possible uses for it.

A young lady brought a tire and window and attempted to make a solar oven with them.  She set the tire on concrete and put an open topped aluminum dish in it filled with potatoes and zucchini.  She then placed the window over the top to contain the heat.…

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We Spent the Day Solar Cooking

An opportunity to practice solar cooking

Yesterday we went to the solar cook off in Nevada City.  It was quite an enjoyable day and I learned more about solar ovens.  Quite a few different types of food were successfully cooked.  The day was a bit overcast which quickly revealed the shortcomings of some types of solar ovens.  The box style all worked well, however the reflective and the parabolic both showed shortcomings.

The foods that were cooked included fresh vegetables, chicken, pumpkin, beans, corn bread and fruit cobbler.  The reflective ovens took considerably longer to cook and in a couple of cases, the foods were finished in a box style.…

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Local Events – Solar Cook Off

Anytime I hear of a preparedness event I post it on my blog.  I don’t care whether it is local, regional or national.  The information always seems to help someone.  So if you know of events in your area, send me the information and I will post it.


Here is an event that is taking place in Northern California.

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Solar Cooking Tips

Sorry for the late post the power has been off and the server was down.  Here is some good information on cooking with solar ovens.

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Solar Oven Uses

I am constantly surprised at the use people figure out for solar ovens.  Yesterday I was over at a friend’s house that raises bees.  He has an old solar oven set up in his back yard and uses it to melt bees wax.  It is very simple he sets a bowl half-full of water in the oven and then places a colander full of bees wax on top of it.  As the water heats up the wax melts and falls to the surface of the water.  He then lets it cool down and lifts the wax of the water.  The bees wax can then be used for many uses, from treating leather to making hand cream.…

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Cooking with a Solar Oven

I am a big fan of solar ovens for a number of reasons, including the following.

  • The fuel is free and readily available.
  • They are inexpensive and easy to make.
  • They are easy to use.
  • As long as the sun is shining they will work.
  • They create no smoke or odors other than the food cooking.
  • In the summer the heat stays outside.
  • Once you learn the principal you can make one almost anywhere.  I am aware of a situation in which one was made from an old tire and a window pane.

The downsides that I have found are

  • Food takes about twice as long as normal to cook.
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Solar Oven Recipes

It looks like hot weather is coming our way. Time to use the Solar and Wonder Ovens we have been writing about.  I love the Wonder Oven; I use it as much as I can. Hopefully I will use the solar oven more this year. Following are some recipes from a friend, she has tried them, and so I know they are good.

1 egg beaten                        ½ cup honey                 1 tsp vanilla
½   cup whole wheat flour    ½ tsp. baking soda        ½ tsp nutmeg
1 cup quick rolled oats         ½ cup chopped nuts

In a small bowl beat together egg, honey, melted butter and vanilla.…

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