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A Failure of The Shelf Life of Spam

Notice the swelling on the sides of the can on the right, compared to a good can

In the past, I have mentioned on several occasions that Hormel Food products do not have an expiration date, only a best use date.  On their website, they make the following statement about their products.

What is the shelf life of a Hormel Foods product in an unopened can?

The product is always safe to consume as long as the seal has remained intact, unbroken and securely attached. However, the flavor and freshness of the product gradually begin to decline after three years from the manufacturing date.”

I have recently have had six cans of Hormel Spam 25% Less Sodium go bad. …

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Store Canned Foods that have Multiple Uses

One thing we have tried to do in our food storage is to stock items that store well and are versatile.  A good example is spam.  Hormel says that it will last indefinitely unless the cans are punctured or damaged.  They do state that after the best use date there may be changes in taste and loss of nutrition.  In my experience, this takes many years before a change in taste is noticeable.

Now I know that not everybody likes spam, personally I do.  However, span can be used in a large variety of ways.  It can be eaten cold right out of the can or cooked. …

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