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Shipping Containers and How to Insulate Them

Shipping ContainersI have always liked shipping containers for storage and other uses. My family has several and I have had one in my yard for many years. They are inexpensive to purchase, require little maintenance, and hold up well to the weather. In all the years I have had mine I have never had any problems with leaks or rodents.

My shipping container is currently stored under a carport to protect it from the sun. This helps to keep it much cooler. Recently I have decided to reorganize some of my storage and want to store some items in the container that are more heat sensitive.…

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Inexpensive Storage Space.

Do you need extra storage or a second storage location?  One easy and relatively inexpensive solution is to purchase a shipping container or conex.  They come in lengths of 10, 20 and 40 ft.  Most are approximately 8 ft high and 8 ft wide.  I have had one for years and have never had a problem with rodents or bugs damaging anything I have stored in it.  Mine has never leaked and was exposed to the elements for years, it is now covered.

Basically, they are a large metal box that has been used to carry cargo on container ships.  Some have wood floors and may be lined with wood. …

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How Much Food do You Need for a Year

A question that comes up regularly is how much food is a year’s supply.  One answer is a list put out by the LDS Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

  • Grains (wheat, rice, corn or other cereal grains) 300 lbs per person.
  • Nonfat dry milk 75 lbs per person
  • Sugar or honey 75 lbs person
  • Salt 5 lbs per person
  • Fats or oil 20 lbs per person
  • Dried legumes (beans, peas or lentils) 60 lbs per person
  • Garden seed

The above list will supply approximately 2300 calories per day.  This list is a bare bone survival list.  Appetite fatigue would be a problem if you had to depend only on these foods.…

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Civilian vs Military MREs

This the second part of an article on MREs, the first part was posted yesterday.  Civilian MREs (meals ready to eat) are a confusing issue.  There are currently a number of manufacturers producing MREs for the civilian market.  The three major manufacturers of MREs for the military (Ameriqual, Sopakco, and Wornick) have all started producing their own civilian MREs. Recently International Meals Supply, a certified supplier of emergency rations for the Department of Defense, has started selling a brand called “MREStar”.

Ameriqual sells under the name APack; there are 12 meals to a case, 6 different menus.  They provide approximately 1400 calories per meal according to their website. 

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