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A Review of Outdoor Survival Skills

outdoor survival skillsI first saw this book, Outdoor Survival Skills, in 1967 when it originally came out. I still have my first copy. Larry Dean Olsen, the author of this book, is one of the founders of the survivalist movement in the late 1960’s. His book is written for the person who is dropped off in the wilderness with nothing. His book teaches primitive skills.

Larry’s approach to survival is based on the idea that survival training is best achieved by learning to live off the land without manufactured gear. The book has excellent chapters on shelter, fire and water. A skills section has lots of information on stone working, bone working, making bow and arrows and trapping.…

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More on Unethical Suppliers of Preparedness Gear and Foods

This is a post from a friend Firebob, he is an very knowledgeable and experienced individual.   He sent this in as a comment, however I though it should be a post.


I agree completely with the advice to beware of premade kits. I have been involved with a variety of preparedness, and lack thereof, for several decades. As background, I am an engineer by training, and also long-time firefighter, medic and outdoors guy. My early backpacking began with a pack similar in quality to, or even slightly better, than those I see in the per-assembled kits. The first time I used it, it got me the five miles INTO where I was going, then fell apart, leaving me to my imagination on repairs and getting back OUT of there with the other equipment.…

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The 8 Levels of survival

This is another article written by FreezeDryGuy.  His articles will occasionally appear in the future.


The 8 Levels of survival
Prospects for survival / dangers
(Old S.F. Trooper)
Updated 30 April 2003

1.    At home under normal conditions: / prospects excellent / dangers minimal.

2.    At home under emergency conditions: / prospects seriously reduced / dangers increased.

3.    Movement from home to Retreat Area: / you are most vulnerable during this period / dangers from other people great, possible disruption or clogging of roads due to mass evacuation, terrorist activity or closures and detours of roadways

Likely methods of travel:
4 WHD vehicle, w/wo trailer

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A Review of the Book Nature Bound Pocket Field Guide

Nature Bound Pocket Field GuideI found a little book that I really like that just fits in your bug out bag. It is called the Nature Bound Pocket Field Guide. The book appears to be currently out of print, but is available through the used book market at reasonable prices. It has over 300 pages and measures 4 ½ x 5 inches.

This field guide has sections on fire, shelter, windchill, water, gathering food and many other things. There is a large section on edible plants with good pictures, descriptions and information on preparation and other uses. The section on poisonous plants includes pictures, symptoms and some treatment information.…

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Basic Survival Fishing Kit


I recently purchased a Basic Survival Fishing Kit from Best Glide.  It is a good buy at only $8.49.  It comes in a small metal can that you can fit almost anywhere.  It has plenty of extra room so that you can customize it for your area.  I added extra line, hooks and several flies to mine. There is lots of small streams in my area. Below is information from their website which can be reached at the following link. http://www.bestglide.com/emergency_fishing_kit.html

Basic Survival Fishing Kit

The Basic Emergency Fishing Kit is a well stocked, basic, durable, quality and inexpensive survival fishing kit. …

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A Source of Potassium Iodide an Information on Nuclear Warfare

I found a website that has the book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny for sale for $12.00 a copy or $8.00 for five or more.  This is the single best book ever written nuclear warfareon how to survive a nuclear war.  I highly recommend it.  They also have a limited amount of potassium iodide in stock at a reasonable price.  The link to their site is http://www.nuclearpreparedness.org/order_form.php


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