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15 Ways to Put Ratchet Straps to Good Use

Ratchet straps… most of us have them around in the garage or car trunk. I’ve kept one in the back of my truck for a couple of decades now! Over the years, it has come in handy more than I ever thought it would.

Ratchet straps come in a variety of strengths, widths, lengths, and hooks. The weaving of ratchet straps is similar to that of a seat belt, designed to keep things secure and in place.

Types of ratchet straps

There are three types of tie down straps

Lashing StrapsThese have a gator clip and are fairly easy to use for light weight objects.

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9 Uses for Rancid Cooking Oil

9 Uses for Rancid Cooking OilNow, I won’t say that I am cheap, but I never like to see waste. I use everything that I can. As many of you know, the shelf life of cooking oils is not indefinite, so the other day I found some olive oil that was out of date. I got to thinking about alternate uses for rancid cooking oils. Here is the list of uses for old oil.

Lubricant and rust preventative.  It can be used for everything from squeaky hinges to oiling your tools. In a pinch, it would work to protect your firearms.

Lamp oil.  Oil lamps are a good alternate use for rancid oils.…

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My Wife’s Handy Household tool Kit

toolAs we get older, we are all looking for ways to make projects around the house easier.  I have always had tools that I use specifically for me. Now we have tools for the yard and the car and of course, Howard’s tools in the garage, but the tools in the house always seem to be all over the place.  My tool drawer that has everything but tools. I never have what I need handy.

Now I have found the right container for my house tools (If I can keep my husband out of them).  I was cleaning the garage and found a bag that a friend gave me years ago.  …

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Taking care of Your Tools

Your life may depend on them.

This morning I am on a bit of a rant.  One thing my father always taught me was to take care of your hand tools.  This morning I was in the yard shoveling some rock and found that a person who had done some work for me had left cement on a shovel.  Not a huge amount but enough to add a bit of weight and make the shovel hang up on the rocks.

Now I know this is not the biggest issue around, but it brings up a good point.  Take care of your tools and they will take care of you. …

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