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Stoves for your Bug Out Bags

The U.S. Military Natick stove and canteen cup

Here is a post from C.E. Harris on the U.S. Military Natick cookers and Alcohol stoves.  This time I have taken the liberty of addin a few comments at the end.

I have several of the US Army “Natick cookers” NSN 8465-01-250-3632, aka the “canteen cup warming stand” which nests with the US 1 qt. canteen and cup in the canteen cover. http://www.bestglide.com/canteen_cup_stove.html  I keep one of these sets in each car emergency kit.

I decided to do some impromptu testing to compare their heating efficiency with the Trangia alcohol burner I normally use. …

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The Trangia Alcohol Stove

Here is an article from C.E. Harris on alcohol stoves.

Trangia Alcohol Stove


Another viable option is the military surplus Trangia burner which is made in Sweden and also used by several NATO militaries. I have used one for over 25 years since I was first introduced by the ski patrol when I lived in New Hampshire. It is inexpensive, reliable, compact, and suitable for year-round use as a backpacker stove. It is as small, rugged and simple as a stove can get.

While it is true that alcohol does not have the heat output of gas, comparing fuel volume, and burner weight, cooking / boil times are very reasonable.…

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Alcohol Stoves

The stove on the left is the Trangia and the one on the right the Esbit

I spent the morning playing with a couple of alcohol stoves.  They are the Esbit Alcohol Burner and the Swedish Army Trangia Stove.  Both burn denatured alcohol or methanol.  Denatured Alcohol is easy to find and cheaper to use than the alternatives.  Alcohol stoves are often used for ultralight and long-distance backpacking.  The Esbit stove weights 3.5 ounces, the Trangia 6 ounces.  There are no moving parts or burners to wear out or break.  Just fill them and light.  They can be used alone providing you have some sort of pot support with you.  …

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