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When You Have to Bug Out by Vehicle

While I do not plan to bug out, you have to be open-minded to the possibility.  For instance, there is a railroad only about a quarter mile from my house.  This is close enough to force us to leave in a hurry if an accident occurred in the wrong place.

Now there are a couple of ways to leave either on foot or by vehicle.  We have the normal 72-hour packs made up and ready to go, but what about if you had a few minutes and the opportunity to leave by vehicle.  Do you have any idea what you would take? …

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Alternate Uses for Your Vehicle after an EMP Attack

An EMP event has occurred and you are sitting looking at your useless vehicle, what is it good for?  The first thing that you do is disconnect the battery and see if the computers will reset themselves.  Wait a few minutes, reconnect the battery and try to start the vehicle.  This actually worked occasionally during some government testing.  I assume that this is at least partly dependent on the strength of the attack.

When this doesn’t work what do you do with your vehicle.  First think about the gas and oil, both have other uses.  You probably want to keep it intact in case you can find a way to fix it. …

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What do you Carry in Your Vehicle?

What do you carry in your vehicle?  I always have some preps in my car.  Normally this includes my get home bag.  The contents of this bag can be seen on  http://preparednessadvice.com/seventy-two-hour-kits/get-home-bag/.  In addition to the contents of my bag, I carry a minimum of the following items.

  • Two light weight Slumberjack sleeping bags I found in a garage sale.
  • A pair of US military two quart canteens full.
  • An entrenching tool.
  • Jumper cables.
  • A couple of cans of Fix-A-Flat.
  • Two military ponchos.
  • Extra jackets and shoes or boots.
  • Misc hand tools.
  • Duct tape, electrical tape, plastic cable ties and wire.
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