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Free Manuals to Download on Survival and Edible Plants


Free Manuals to Download on Survival and Edible Plants via Preparedness Advice

Everybody likes to get something for free and here’s a huge collection of free manuals for you to download. I have not had a chance to review all of them so I can’t say that everything they suggest is accurate. Many of them are hundreds of pages long, so take your time reviewing them and making note of the books or pages in books that you may want to print out.

Urban Preparation Kit, Part 1, On Body Kit

Traps and Snares

Wilderness Survival Skills

Surviving Terrorism

Wilderness Survival

Survival Water Purification

Preserving Game Meats

Nuclear War Survival Skills

How to Build a Debris Hut

HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan

Combat Survival Evasion

Cold Weather Survival: A Way of Life

Cold Weather Survival

Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making

Alpine Living for SAR

Aids to Survival



Survival In Cold Weather Areas

Survival, Evasion and Recovery

NEWER US Army Survival Manual

Marines Individual Terrorism Survival

USMC Winter Survival Course

Wilderness Evasion: A Guide to Hiding Out and Eluding Pursuit in Remote Areas

USMC Summer Survival Course

Free Manuals on Edible & Medicinal Plants

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 2

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 3

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 4

Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada

Survival Medicine

Survival: How to Make Herbal Preparations

Edible Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants in Folk Tradition

PDR for Herbal Medicines

Healing Pets With Alternative Medicine

Ethnobotany of the Forest Indians

Edible Wild Plants

Edible and Medicinal Plants

Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herb Craft

A Taste of Heritage: Crow Indian Recipes & Herbal Medicine

Common Edible Mushrooms — Be careful here.…

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8 Myths About Water purification that can Make you Sick

water purificationWater purification and storage is one of our most important preps, but unfortunately, there are a number of myths in circulation that will cause problems for people.  Here are a few that you need to be aware off.

1, It is a myth that you need to boil your water to make it safe to drink.  Water boils at 212 degrees. However, getting your water to a temperature of 150 degrees pasteurizes it.  Boiling Water Verses Pasteurization to Make Safe Drinking Water

2, Running water is safe to drink. Don’t believe this one. Remember it came from somewhere and there could be a dead animal between you and the source.  …

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Water Purification and the SteriPEN

water purificationWater purification is always one of my big concerns and I have quite a few different types.  One that I have been experimenting with is the SteriPEN, I have several of the Classic SteriPEN’s and one of the Sidewinders,  (Purify your water with the Sidewinder by SteriPEN) and have found them to be affective and easy to use for water purification.  They are lightweight and take less room in your pack than most other filters.

Your SteriPEN Classic will purify 16 fl. oz. of water (cold or warm) in less than a minute or 32 fl. oz. in a minute and a half.  …

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Water Purification in Cold or Freezing Weather Can be a Problem

water purification

Water purification in winter presents a different set of problems than during the warm weather in which we normally camp.  If we have to bug out or depend on our preps, we should be prepared for it to occur during the worst time of the year.  As I watch the nasty weather in so much of the country, I figured this would be a good time to discuss the subject.

Remember that water from streams or other outdoor sources in the wintertime may have the same bacteriological or other contaminants as summer.  Many of the water purification devices that we depend on during the summer will not work the same during cold weather.…

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Water purification and Filtration one of the Most Important Skills for a Prepper


Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water.  In other words, it is to take out the bad stuff that may affect you. This is probably one of the single most important things that you need to study.

Now I see many suggestions on the internet for homemade filtration systems often using a container filled with sand, rocks and charcoal.  I have not seen one that I would trust.  If you are planning to improvise a water filter you better really know what you are doing for most of us Sodis or boiling would be a better choice. …

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An Inexpensive Water Filter the Bucket Berkey

The other day I was at DisasterStuff.com a preparedness store located in Rocklin California and I arrived just as he was making a Bucket Berkey.  Now, you are probably wondering what this is?  It is an inexpensive water filter made with two five-gallon buckets and the black Berkey filters.

It comes standard with one filter which will purify approximately 3000 gallons of water.  The unit is expandable to four filters which will purify approximately 12000 gallons of water.  The buckets he uses are food grade, made in the U.S. with a unique screw on lid.  The lid screws on and is held tight by a simple ratchet system. …

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A Simple and Inexpensive Water Purification Device the WAPI

A few months ago, I wrote an article called Sodis an inexpensive method of water purification.  This described a method for purifying water by using sunlight.  It uses plastic bottles manufactured from PETE or glass.  The UV light is what purifies the water.  The heat from the sun can help.  I recommend you read the article.

A new and improved method of water purification using the solar ovens and the sun has been developed by Dr. Bob Metcalf, a professor in microbiology at California State University at Sacramento.

Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) is a simple thermometer that indicates when water has reached pasteurization temperature and is safe to consume. …

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Chlorox or chlorine bleach for water purification

Fema, the American Red Cross and others all recommend Chlorox, Purex or chlorine as a method for water purification in emergency.  These bleaches normally contain 5.25 – 6% chlorine.  Avoid using bleaches that contain perfumes, dyes and other additives. Chlorox has recently come out with a new product “Clorox Ultra”.  They have changed the concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite (chlorine) from 5.25% concentration to 6%, and they have added Sodium Hydroxide.  They are doing this to reduce the size of the containers.  Chlorox has stated that this is safe to use for water purification.

Common household Clorox Ultra, Chlorox, Purex or chlorine bleach may be used to disinfect water in the following amounts. …

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The Problems of Iodine Tablets for Water Purification

Iodine tablets– One tablet added to a quart releases 8 ppm (parts per million) of iodine.  Two tablets are used for turbid water.  Wait 15 minutes after adding tablets, 30 minutes if the water is cold.  The shelf life of the tablets is 3-5 years.  Deterioration is evidenced by a change in the tablet color; metallic gray is acceptable, light yellow double the dose, and reddish brown discard.  The formation of a precipitate is acceptable.  If there is starch in the water from potatoes, corn or rice the water will turn a blue color.  The blue colored water is harmless and is acceptable to drink.  …

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