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Have You Included a Tactical Laser in Your Preps?

UPDATE: The tactical laser linked to in this article is completely sold out and due to changing regulations, it will not be returning for sale. I’m leaving this article up for informational purposes, since you may very well find a similar product elsewhere, if interested.

Most guys I know tend to focus on 2 categories of self-defense weapons: firearms and knives. On this blog, plenty has been written about both categories, and it’s interesting how some guys identify themselves, “I’m a knife guy,” or “I’m a gun guy.”

Have You Included a Tactical Laser in Your Preps via Preparedness Advice

Well, I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m a laser kind of guy,” but with this Tact Laser, it’s something that’s worth checking out.…

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Improvised Self Defense Weapons

In every society, there is always a portion of the public that for one reason or another doesn’t own firearms.  This may be because of laws prohibiting them, finances or simple a lack of a desire or a pacifistic nature.

When push finally comes to shove as it has in parts of the East Coast and a weapon is needed the lack of a firearm doesn’t prevent you from getting a weapon, it merely means that you do not have the best choice.

Many things we normally have around the house can be readily adapted.  A weapon is a tool and many items you have in your home can serve.  …

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