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4 Ways to Get Water From Your Well When the Power Fails


An Windmill

Recently I have run across several people who are concerned about how to get water out of their water well in an emergency.  Without electricity, most of today’s water wells would become useless.  But remember people had functioning wells prior to electricity.

Old-fashioned hand operated water pumps can still be purchased and are quite effective on wells less than 200 feet deep.  Some brands say that theirs will work to 300 feet in an emergency, but that the number of strokes required is less than desirable.


A Simple pump


A well bucket

If the water level in your well is over 300 feet, solar powered pumps will go as deep as 800 feet and wind powered pumps will go down to 1500 feet.  …

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The best way to store water Part 1

For a lot of people water seems to be one of the things they have the hardest time storing.  I hear all kinds of reasons, the big one being “I don’t have the room”.

When you plan water storage, your first consideration should be how much do I need.  For just minimum survival, you need to plan on one gallon a day per person. Today you are using  in the neighborhood of 180 gallons a day, per person.

What kind of water sources would you have available if the water system in your area failed completely?  Do you know where all the water sources in your area are? …

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