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Cooking & Eating Wild Mustard

Cooking & Eating Wild Mustard via Preparedness Advice

Learn about the plants in your area. I live in Northern California and every spring you see acres of yellow flowers. Most people ignore them, but a few of us know that you are looking at wild mustard.  This plant is good to eat, and you can make mustard from them.

Some people eat the flowering tops just before they open. They are cooked like broccoli. My wife was raised eating the leaves. The tender young leaves are used for cooked greens or in salads.

To cook wild mustard, wash the greens well and cook in salted water. Wild mustard can be somewhat sharp when raw and somewhat bitter when cooked.…

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Wild Mustard Plants and Some of its Uses

The other day I received the following question on wild mustard which I am attempting to answer.

wild mustard

Hi! my name is Jeff and I am hoping that you will help me out. I live in the country where wild mustard is very abundant  and recently became curious about harvesting and making my own mustard. I have searched different sites and read much material about wild mustard. The problem I am having is that even though the sites are quite informative I am unable to find any information on when to harvest the plant. Are there different times to pick different parts of the plant for different uses?…

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