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7 common misconceptions about wilderness survival

Reality TV has made faux survivalists of too many of us. A lot of people probably believe that we’d be able to live through a life-threatening situation just because we’ve watched all the episodes of Man Vs. Wild and Survivorman. Despite what some people think, not everything you see on TV is true, and misplaced confidence will only get your ass killed. Here are a few common misconceptions about wilderness survival.


wilderness survival
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mypubliclands. Used under Creative Commons.

#1: Food is always the first priority

Despite what you’ve seen on any survivalist show, you don’t need to immediately find food if you’re lost in the wild.…

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The Four Core Elements You Need for Wilderness Survival

I have always been taught that there are four core elements required for wilderness survival.  If you can master these four subjects, you stand a good chance of surviving under almost any conditions.  So what are the core elements needed for wilderness survival?  The following list is not necessarily in their order of importance sine that can vary depending on conditions.

Water is often number one, but sometimes fire and shelter can be of greater importance, depending on the weather.  First, look for surface water.  Second, look for hidden sources.  Learn how to locate water from watching the wildlife including insects and birds.  …

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