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How are You Going to Cook After the Grid Goes Down?

Different methods of cooking.

Something I have wanted to write about for a while is ways to cook when the power is out and you are dependent on what you have stored.  The following is an over view of several methods for cooking at your BOL I wish to discuss in depth in the future.

Campfires – The first method that most people think of is a campfire.  Personally, this would be very low on my choices.  Campfires are difficult to cook on, are highly visible and give off smoke.  Food odors can also be a problem.  They also are inefficient in their consumption of wood.  …

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New Wood Stove Recipe from Italy

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on Italian style wood stoves.  The information was from Angela from Italy.  She has sent me a new recipe and more information on cooking with an Italian style wood stove. You can see the previous post at http://preparednessadvice.com/recipes/italian-style-wood-stove/. The following is her new post. Thank you Angela


White Beans with Chicken pieces served with Rice.

I had 3 pieces of chicken left in freezer, so I thought of trying out new dish. Came out pretty well and tasty too. (this time I didn’t cremate the bird, hahaha)

I started out with a good bed of coals.…

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